Month: March 2017

#SunshineFire Updates

Latest updates: – Estimate still 30-50 acres; belief is closer to 50. Aircraft is flying the fire now for aerial mapping. – 8 aircraft ordered and in route; 1 SEAT (Ft Collins), 1 heavy air tanker (JeffCo), 2 Chinook (National Guard),

Public Call Center now open

The public Call Center is open to take resident questions – 303-413-7730 – this is for NON-emergency calls only. Call taker volunteers can help answer questions about evacuations, road closures, and other details.

Traffic Update

Traffic is being re-routed on a portion of Boulder Canyon Drive for structure protection and air support.  Traffic is being re-routed at 6th down Arapahoe and then back onto Boulder Canyon Drive.  If possible just avoid the area. See map.

Evacuation and pre-evacuation map

This map indicates the current evacuation area (in green) and pre-evacuation are (in red) due to the #SunshineFire.

Updated Road Closures #Sunshine Fire

Hard Road Closures: Poorman Road at Sunshine Canyon Road Timber Trail at Sunshine Canyon Road Sunshine Canyon Drive at Mapleton Ave at 4th Soft Closure:  Boulder Canyon Drive at Pearl Street (avoid this area if possible) 

Fire Updates – Sunshine Fire

Updates for SunshineFire – Size update: 30-50 acres – 0% containment – Multiple air resources ordered and inbound for daylight operations. – Cit of Boulder pre-evac: 4th Street east to Broadway, Mapleton (all of) –> Canyon. – Fire moving in

Evacuation Route for residents west of Boulder

Any residents within the evacuation zone (between Mapleton and Arapahoe west of 4th Street) that need to find an evacuation route through the canyons can use Sunshine Canyon to Poorman Road and then travel down Four Mile Canyon Drive to Boulder.

Wildfire air quality precautions

During a wildfire, if you can see or smell smoke, it is recommended that you avoid outdoor physical activities. If visibility is decreased in your neighborhood to less than five miles, smoke has reached levels that are unhealthy. Children, Elderly,

Evacuation shelter now open at East Boulder Community Center

Any residents evacuated due to the #SunshineFire can now use East Boulder Community Center as a shelter.

City of Boulder evacuation zone

Currently, residents living within the City of Boulder between Mapleton and Canyon Drive along 4th Street have all been evacuated. The currently evacuation point for residents is Boulder High School. Remember – if you have no officially received an evacuation