Cleaning fire retardant chemical off of structures

There have been questions about cleaning the fire retardant off of structures. Below are some tips (if you watched the 1 p.m. meeting you will see that the Sheriff’s thoughts on power washing won’t be a great idea!)
• The red color of retardants comes from iron oxide (rust), which can be difficult to remove.
• Wash retardant off as soon as possible. Some of these products may discolor metal.
• Dampening a stained surface with water, and then scrubbing it with a wet, stiff-bristled brush dipped in borax has been effective.
• Power washers may drive the red colorant into the surface of the wood and should generally be avoided.
• Restrict water use to prevent puddles that may be attractive to pets.
• Avoid leaving standing puddles of water by using absorbent materials, such as sand, soil, or other materials.

More info available here: Safe Cleanup after a Fire

Boulder Office of Emergency Management's photo.
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