9-15-2013 7:15 p.m. Update to Residents of Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District

As of early yesterday morning, this disaster is being managed by federal authorities, and all of our local volunteer firefighters are operating under their command.  We continue to be aware that this is a difficult situation for us all. Your continued patience is appreciated, and we greatly appreciate the many food donations and immense outpouring of community support for the firefighters and for your fellow community members. 

Our priority continues to be life safety – we evacuated many parties today.  Wherever possible, people have been leaving in their personal vehicles, while some parties have had to walk or be carried out.  Resources continue to be stretched very thin across all impacted areas, but we have made major progress in most areas.

Xcel has been in various parts of the district to assess gas and electricity.   Electricity was re-estalished in most of Pine Brook Hills late this afternon.  Most areas in Boulder Heights have power as well, although we have not received confirmation in several areas yet.  Much of the restored electrical supply is running on temporary connections, so be prepared for additional outages at any time.  Since all gas connections are underground, there is much more substantial damage to the gas system.  We do not have any estimates from Xcel for restoration of natural gas services at this time.

Roads continue to be of major concern.  Linden Drive and Lee Hill received more than 2 inches of rain today and erosion of key sections that would cut off access entirely to the district is being monitored.  The rain also produced heavy flows across Linden Drive in the area of Spring Valley Estates.  We were able to work with county crews to shore up some spots before the rain started, but the heavy rain slowed work substantially.

The policy continues to be resident evacuation out of the district will be facilitated but only emergency equipment and emergency personnel will be allowed into the district.  We performed house to house search today a large portion of the houses in the district, including houses in North Cedarbrook.  These are marked with Green (evacuated) or Red (sheltered in place) flagging tape. In addition to BMFPD resources, FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams visited all areas of the district and conducting house to house searches, assisting in evacuations with military vehicles where necessary.

A majority of residents have evacuated and we will continue to encourage residents to leave the district – DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY -- from Boulder Heights and from Pine Brook Hills. Be aware that conditions may change at any time with no notice, and evacuation may no longer be possible.

Law enforcement contnues to enforce a complete roadblock on all roads leading into the district, so if you choose to evacuate, you will not be allowed to re-enter the district.  This will continue to be the policy until further notice.

Additional data:

  1. Emergency egress from Carriage Hills is possible via the top gate at Carriage Hills via the top gate, as long as Brook Road remain intact.
  2. Wagon Wheel Gap continues to be inaccessible. Bow Mountain Road remains inaccessible via vehicle.
  1. No vehicular access to North Cedar Brook is possible due to a severe road collapse.  Evaluations of road repair options are being reviewed, but no timeline for a repair is available at this time. The only way out continues to be on foot.
  2. The Bristlecone evacuation route to Sunshine Canyon is reserved to use by emergency services equipment and personnel.  We are evaluating yesterday’s repairs in light of today’s heavy rain.
  3. The Pine Brook Water District is still operating and the water is safe to drink at this time.

If you have a life safety emergency, call 911 and we will try to get to you to help.

Thanks again for your understanding and remember that this information is subject to change with no notice.

Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District