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City of Boulder evacuation zone

Currently, residents living within the City of Boulder between Mapleton and Canyon Drive along 4th Street have all been evacuated. The currently evacuation point for residents is Boulder High School.

Remember – if you have no officially received an evacuation notice, but you feel unsafe – please self-evacuate.

Updates for #SunshineFire

Evacuations in progress surrounding the #SunshineFire. Please see map for specific evacuation zone (map shows county residences in the zone only. City of Boulder evac zone coming soon!). Currently the evacuation point is at Boulder High School.

There is also a Road Closure for Sunshine Canyon Drive (Mapleton) between 4th Street and Timber.

Remember – if you have not officially been evacuated, but you feel unsafe, self-evacuate.

Watch for Public Health smoke inhalation messaging coming soon.

Evacuation Zone for SunshineFire

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Fire Weather Warning for Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017

HIGH danger for fire today! No open burning allowed in Boulder County today due to high winds and low humidity. Warnings in effect until this evening. Be safe, tell your friends. Follow @NWSBoulder on Twitter

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Rogers Fire update

Heavy smoke may be visible today in the Rogers Fire area due to fire crews mop-up of the site. Use caution as fire apparatus and first responders will be still coming in and out of the area.

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Wagonwheel Gap Fire update

All the remaining evacuations in place for the Wagonwheel Gap Fire on Lion Point and Wagonwheel Gap Road have been lifted. The fire is approximately 4.5 acres in size and it is estimated to be 60-65% contained. Please continue to exercise caution as fire apparatus will be on the roads.

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The Emergency Operations Center will be shutting down

The Emergency Operations Center will be shutting down for the night. We will be actively monitoring both the Rogers Fire and the Wagonwheel Gap Fire. Firefighters will remain on scene overnight to monitor conditions. We will post any updates on the fires as they are needed.

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UPDATES: #WagonwheelGapFire

This is the current situation with regard to the #WagonwheelGapFire:

  • Wagonwheel Gap Road is currently open from Lee Hill Drive up to the 1700 block (this area was previously closed)
    • This does NOT include the offshoot roads to the north which have the homes at the addresses below. Deputies will be positioned at the intersections leading to those roads.
    • Addresses that will remain evacuated overnight include 724, 726, 736, 738, 742, 744, 748, 1560, 1604, 1674, 1695 – All addresses listed as Wagonwheel Gap Road.
    • Deputies will be posted in this area overnight.
  • All of Lion Point Road is also closed and remains under evacuation orders.

All other residences along Wagonwheel Gap Road  that are not listed above are able to return home (also able to return home with animals).

The remaining evacuation orders will be re-evaluated at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Public Call Center Now Closed

The public emergency call center for the #RogersFire and the #WagonwheelGapFire has now closed.

Please continue watching this site for updates, or visit Twitter and follow @BoulderOEM.

Non-emergency calls related to the fires can be directed to 303-441-4444.

UPDATE: Evacuations for #RogersFire

Due to flare ups at the #RogersFire, evacuation orders for large animals are now reinstated. This is a “soft” evacuation for people – this means that residents with ID will be able to return to their residence, but all other traffic is still prohibited.

These orders are in affect for the area of west of 65th Street between Nelson Rd. and St. Vrain Rd. This portion of 65th Street is closed to all traffic except those with ID for their residence.

Animals can be evacuated to the Boulder County Fairgrounds, and should be returned there if they were previously housed there.

Fire status will be evolving

Due to high winds, flare ups at both fire locations – #RogersFire and #WagonwheelGapFire – are expected to happen. There are still fire crews located at both fire locations and will continue monitoring.

We will continue to update as the situation changes.