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UPDATE: Evacuations for #RogersFire

Due to flare ups at the #RogersFire, evacuation orders for large animals are now reinstated. This is a “soft” evacuation for people – this means that residents with ID will be able to return to their residence, but all other traffic is still prohibited.

These orders are in affect for the area of west of 65th Street between Nelson Rd. and St. Vrain Rd. This portion of 65th Street is closed to all traffic except those with ID for their residence.

Animals can be evacuated to the Boulder County Fairgrounds, and should be returned there if they were previously housed there.

Fire status will be evolving

Due to high winds, flare ups at both fire locations – #RogersFire and #WagonwheelGapFire – are expected to happen. There are still fire crews located at both fire locations and will continue monitoring.

We will continue to update as the situation changes.

UPDATES: #RogersFire Road Closures & Evacuations


The following roads are now re-opened:

  • 61st & Nelson Rd
  • Eastbound 69th & St. Vrain
  • Southbound 65th & Nelson Rd

All remaining evacuation orders in this area are lifted. Crews are still working on scene, so please use caution when driving in the area.

At this time no changes to road closures or evacuations near the #WagonwheelGapFire.

Reminder: Sign-up at to receive messages about imminent threats & hazards by text message, email, cell, home and work phone. Also follow @BoulderOEM on Twitter for quick updates.

CORRECTION: #RogersFire is contained. #WagonwheelGapFire is NOT yet contained

The #RogersFire is currently contained.

The #WagonwheelGapFire is NOT currently contained.

Crews are still on-scene at both fire locations.

Evacuations remain in place for #WagonWheelGapFire we hope to lift them soon and will update when we are able.

Updated Road Closures and Evacuation Info on Rogers Fire

Mandatory evacuations have been lifted for #RogersFire w/ the exception of a couple of homes w/in active fire zone. Call 303-413-7730 for more information.

Current road closures for #Rogers Fire: Nelson Rd from 51st to 63rd – both directions 49th/51st from Saint Vrain to Nelson – both directions.

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Map of wildfires and road closures

A map of the wildfires and road closures is available at:

This map will be updated throughout the day as needed.

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Road Closures

Due to the #RogersFire and #WagonWheelGapFire the following roads are closed:

61st & Nelson – eastbound 69th & St. Vrain – southbound 65th & Nelson – northbound Lee Hill & WW Gap Bow Mtn & WW Gap

Reminder: sign-up at to receive messages about imminent threats & hazards by text message, email, cell, home and work phone.


Rogers Fire Evacuation Information

Longmont Humane Society is acting as a small animal shelter for #RogersFire. Large animal shelter at Boulder County Fairgrounds. The Exhibit Building at the Boulder County Fairgrounds is also an evacuation point for people.

Safety reminder: if you’re near a wildfire, do NOT wait for reverse 9-1-1 notification from dispatch if you feel unsafe. Evacuate at any time.

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Two Wildland Fires in Boulder County

We are working two wild land  fires in Boulder County.

The #RogersFire, is a large grass fire near the 5000 block of Nelson Road.  One hundred and twenty-five homes have been evacuated and 29 additional homes are in pre-evacuation mode.

The second fire is the #WagonWheelGapFire which is on Wagon Wheel Gap Road.  The fire is currently 3-5 acres, 157 homes are being evacuated.

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Call Center Now Closed

The public emergency call center for the #RogersFire and the #WagonwheelGapFire has now closed.

Please continue watching this site for updates, or visit Twitter and follow @BoulderOEM.

Non-emergency calls related to the fires can be directed to 303-441-4444.