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Weather patterns mostly favoring Boulder County tonight

OEM staff will continue to monitor weather activity throughout the evening. The main weather patterns of concern tonight are those coming up from the south of Boulder County. Due to increased runoff in South Boulder Creek around Marshall and Eldorado Springs, the

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Safety precautions issued around creeks and other drainages this weekend

The Boulder OEM will continue monitoring conditions for any flooding risks or threats, but residents should remain aware of current local conditions and respond accordingly. Please keep in mind that we can’t issue a blanket recommendation for your safety, since

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Road Closures

N. 75th Street, N. 95th Street and Highway 287 are all closed north of Highway 66.

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Low level storm activity expected until 6 p.m.

Low impact storm activity is predicted to continue through 6 p.m. Boulder OEM will continue to monitor weather while any flooding risks exist, but the threat of any serious flooding has diminished throughout the day.

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