Outdoor Warning Sirens

Sirens are an effective way to warn people who are outdoors of an imminent threat to safety.

The siren system is an all-hazard warning system used to alert citizens who are outdoors to potential danger. More than thirty outdoor warning sirens are in place across Boulder County. The sirens are located in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Lyons, Eldorado Springs, Jamestown, Superior, Erie and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The sirens will broadcast a voice message immediately following the siren signal to inform the public of the situation and what actions should be taken.

During an actual emergency, the sirens will sound for five minutes. During a test, they will sound for two minutes. The same signal is used whether the emergency is a flood, tornado or other disaster. If you hear a siren, tune to a local TV or radio station for further information.

The outdoor warning sirens are sounded only in the event of an emergency or during pre-announced tests. The sirens are activated through the Boulder County Sheriff’s Communications and Boulder Police and Fire Communications centers.