For updates on the Sunshine Canyon fire, visit Boulder Office of Emergency Management status page.

Emergency Status
Jul 14

Drinking water and showers for residents returning home

Wells may need to be tested before they can be used; there is cooking and drinking water available at 7 locations. (See map or list below for locations.)

250 gal. community-use water totes are available at several locations around the #ColdSpringsFire burn area. Residents should bring empty jugs or containers to fill up with water for their home cooking and drinking use.

An 8-unit shower trailer is set up at the Nederland transfer station at 286 Ridge Rd. for any residents who don’t have water or power restored and want to take a shower.

Only six homes are currently without power.

Fact guide on: Wells and Wastewater After a Fire


  • Visually inspect your well and other components of your water system for damage including melted wiring for pumps and the well head.
  • If the well head has been damaged, temporarily cap or cover the well with a 5 gallon bucket to prevent contaminants from entering.
  • If you find damage to your well or water system, contact an appropriate contractor to repair the damage.
  • If your water tastes or smells earthy, smoky or burnt, you may need to thoroughly flush your water lines.
  • If you have concerns about water safety, have your water tested. If you have a cistern that was exposed to the fire, have the water in it tested.

Intersections where community-use water totes are available:

  • Bonanza/Ridge
  • Blue Spruce/Ridge
  • Cold Springs/Ridge
  • Cougar/Ridge
  • Hurricane/Ridge
  • Summer Rd/Ridge
  • Cold Spring/Hummer

water map