Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Mission Statement

Emergency Operations Center during activationThe mission of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is to develop & maintain a common operating picture, provide incident resource support, coordinate information and communications, and ensure policy directives are represented in the development of operational strategies.

Who works in an EOC?

  • Emergency management staff
  • Government entities
  • Nonprofit agencies
  • Community-based organizations
  • Private-sector organizations

When is an EOC used?

  • Disaster Declarations
  • Most incidents requiring multiple operational periods
  • At the discretion of Policy Group members to monitor the situation and provide guidance
  • Resources are needed beyond local mutual aid
  • Special functional capabilities are required

How the EOC assists the incident

  • Providing the “big picture” view of the incident
  • Establishing policy or resolving conflicting policies
  • Providing communications and messaging support
  • Managing public information issues and media requests
  • Providing and prioritizing resources
  • Authorizing emergency expenditures
  • Coordination amongst commands or agencies