Emergency Warning Sirens Testing

Media Contacts:

Mike Chard: Boulder Office of Emergency Management, 303-441-3390
Barb Halpin: Boulder County Commissioners’ Office, 303-441-1622
Ellen Kamilakis, City of Boulder Public Works, 303-441-1937

April begins peak flood risk season; Emergency warning sirens testing scheduled

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management, in partnership with Boulder County and the City of Boulder, will begin audible testing of the countywide emergency sirens at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 1. The test is the first of the monthly emergency audible siren tests, which take place each year on the first Monday of each month from April through August.

The audible siren tests will occur twice on each testing day, at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., on April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, and August 5. Should Boulder experience severe weather during one of the planned audible tests, the siren tests for that day may be cancelled.

Siren tests ensure that all systems and procedures are working properly during the season of peak flood danger, which is typically early spring to late summer. Used to alert residents to potential danger from a flood or other immediate threat, there are 29 outdoor warning sirens in place across Boulder County, including in Boulder, Erie, Jamestown, Lafayette, Louisville, Lyons, Marshall, Eldorado Springs, Superior and the University of Colorado Boulder.

As peak flood risk season approaches, residents are encouraged to:

  • Sign up for emergency alerts at www.BoCo911alert.com;
  • Review their emergency preparedness plans with family, friends, and coworkers; and
  • Refresh the contents of their home, vehicle, and work emergency supply kits.

For more information about personal preparedness and flood safety, visit Ready Colorado, Boulder Office of Emergency Management, Boulder County, and BoulderFloodInfo.net.