Plans & Procedures

The Office of Emergency Management works closely with partners from all sectors to develop comprehensive emergency plans. Individual plans are developed as part of a larger system of inter-related plans at the local, state and federal levels.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP):

The Boulder Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) describes the structure and guidelines for managing major emergency or disasters impacting Boulder County.

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan:

Boulder County’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies the hazards that threaten our communities, evaluates the risks from those hazards, and outlines a strategy to reduce or eliminate that risk. The state and federal governments require communities to complete a hazard mitigation plan and update it every five years in order to be eligible for certain types of disaster assistance and recovery funding.

Recovery Plan:

The Boulder Recovery Plan describes the concepts and principles for an effective and coordinated recovery that leverages local resources and networks.

Boulder County Employee Emergency Procedures:

The Employee Emergency Procedures is designed to serve as a quick reference guide for Boulder County employees.