response: actions taken during the disaster

Boulder Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Emergency Operations Center during activation

The Boulder EOC is where designated management personnel assemble during emergencies and disasters to coordinate communications, provide resource mobilization and support, manage information, develop situational awareness to maintain a common operating picture, assist policy group members, support event management planning, provide operational support and coordination, and assist with continuity of government activities. In addition to large-scale emergencies and disasters, the EOC can also be activated to provide support for planned events and at the discretion of the Boulder OEM Board of Directors.

The EOC is a support and coordination center that primarily addresses consequence management issues and unmet needs. Operations and tactical planning are traditionally conducted at an Incident Command Post (ICP) or Department Operations Center (DOC) whereas the EOC supports these entities’ activities.

Boulder Incident Management Team (IMT)

Incident Management Team preparing to deploy

The Boulder IMT is a partnership of professionals, trained and qualified in incident management. The team provides an organizational structure and competent management staff to support large-scale emergency responses in the City of Boulder and Boulder County. Founded in 2010, the team has responded to the Fourmile and Dome fires in 2010, the September 2013 Floods, the Cold Springs Fire in 2016, Sunshine Fire in 2017, and several smaller incidents through the years. With each activation the team refines its processes, builds relationships with its stakeholders and continues to increase capacity.

For more information about the Boulder IMT, contact the Boulder Office of Emergency Management at (303) 441-3390 or visit the Boulder IMT webpage.